Markus Arnold

What kind of cuisine does Markus Arnold specialise in?
His cuisine is simple, but highly sophisticated. Healthy, but never boring. It is both down-to-earth and modern and has been awarded with 17 points from Gault Millau and a Michelin Star.

Is Markus Arnold just a chef?
Any ambitious chef doesn't want to work in just the kitchen. That's why Markus Arnold is always coming up with new projects to impress – the most successful and most well-known of which have been his pop-up restaurant and pop-up bar in Bern.

What values are shared by both areas of his work?
Markus Arnold is committed to ensuring quality, sustainability and ingenuity in both areas of his work and also brings with him the courage to constantly strike out in new directions.

Markus Arnold

Balancing inspiration and identity

Markus Arnold is a chef looking for balance. Local traditions and an open-minded interest in the wider world find harmony in his work. As a creative person, he is equally inspired by the rich culinary culture in the Canton of Bern and driven by an almost relentless desire to discover new ideas from around the world. Japanese cuisine, with its delicate precision and fantastical insistence on quality, has had the greatest international influence on Markus Arnold's creations. His culinary signature experienced by connoisseurs reveals an exceptionally great passion for detail. It is therefore only logical that the culinary art produced by Markus Arnold should be enjoyed with the perfect combination of ambience and some surprising, yet perfectly fitting, drinks. An all-round fulfilling experience for the senses with genuine impact.