Forwards together

"Forging ahead and celebrating successes together. Get going and enjoy it when everything goes to plan. Each team member takes on the responsibility for their tasks and expands upon their competencies. This is how we develop and constantly improve ourselves each and every day – and this brings with it a huge amount of satisfaction.”

Markus Arnold

The Chef

Markus Arnold

Throughout his fifteen years of working in top Swiss restaurants and on his own projects, Markus Arnold has gathered a huge amount of knowledge about nutrition, products and preparation techniques. Even when travelling, the entrepreneurial culinary artist from Bern keeps his eyes peeled for anything that will appease his constant thirst for knowledge. Everything he learns is brought back home and influences his culinary signature in the kitchen. For relaxation, he likes to go for bike rides, touring along climbing routes over dizzying terrain or having a game of basketball with friends. These are just as much fun as inventing new gastro-concepts.

PR Manager

Monika Arnold

Monika Arnold was born in Bern. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Chur, studying international tourism and leisure management. It was during her time at university that she discovered her passion for good food and wine and started her career in the marketing department at one of the largest catering companies in Bern. In 2013, after completing her Master’s degree in Advanced Studies in Online Marketing Management, she began working for Markus Arnold. She is responsible for public relations, marketing and all other communicative tasks.


Be there when we take the next step!

Are you interested in intensive and educational work as part of an entrepreneurial team? Then you should get in touch with Markus Arnold. New team players with catering backgrounds are always being sought for his exciting projects. Send a letter of motivation together with your CV to